“Strategies To Deal with Bullying” Book

Good news!

For all of you who are working with children and interested to know more about Bullying, now there is a book available in Bahasa Indonesia. This book is written by David Goodwin and has been used widely by those who are working with children. It contains many information on the facts and forms of bullying, how to deal with bullies – for parents and teachers. How do I know? Because I was working as the translator for this book and been using this book for my paper work at college.

You can order this book by contacting:

Lexy Pello (0852 – 340 39082) or email at lexy_p@indo.net.id

It will be the first book of Bullying in Bahasa Indonesia. Get it now!

3 thoughts on ““Strategies To Deal with Bullying” Book

  1. This post will be very helpful to all parents and teachers out there. Bullying is a worldwide thing and it needs to be addressed. Take a look at my blog and you will see why books like the one mentioned in the post above are an essential. Dont be afriad to comment 🙂


    1. Hi Aoife,
      Thanks for dropping by. I can sense your heart in abuse theme. All the best for your study and in achieving your dream.

      Mind to share me about the place where you live? Intrigued me!

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