Saving Babies

“Saving Babies” is a show in Australia Network – and I’m watching it now, while writing this article. One thought that crosses my mind is how grateful it is for us to be able to live. Well, supposedly we feel grateful for our lives.

Unfortunately, we usually take our live for granted. We forget how to be thankful for our live. We forget how great it is to live day-by-day and enjoying the live that God has given to us.

It happens to me lately, where I started to loosen up myself – a bit at first, get bigger by the rolling day. I forget that live is not merely my own, it should be given back to the Creator – through ministry, helping others and reflect every lesson that I’ve got from my life experiences.

Back to the show, there are many babies who were born premature or having disabilities. Their parents are trying to hold on to a little spark of hope that they have. Their parents can see a glimpse of hope in the midst of their sorrow. And miraculously, this faith strengthen them to face the fact that they are having a child with special condition.

When the doctors are able to save their babies, they feel such a huge relief and being thankful for a second chance given to their babies. And from their expression, I can see one thing that I miss: being thankful for my life.

Whatever state you’re in now: at the peak of your happiness or at the bottom of your sorrow, remember that you will learn valuable lesson from that experience – that life is a gift for you. May you choose to live your life wisely, because everything in life is about choice …

Why not choosing to be thankful for your life?

Writing is my way to share it to you.

One thought on “Saving Babies

  1. What if my parents are regretting having me in their live??
    Maybe if they could turn back time, they won’t “saving baby”

    go die baby die…… 🙂

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