Prayer for Stanley

Stanley is a son of my old best friend. He just turned two a few months ago and I used to know him as an active little boy. Unfortunately, he is now in a sick condition.

Last Wednesday night, his parents just realised that Stan got blurry eyes, in which he failed to point to his Dad’s bike, he failed to pick two pieces of jelly and he also failed to choose a picture of a cat. Then on Thursday morning, he couldn’t see totally!

Due to traditional rituals that his Dad believe in, they extended the trip from Samarinda to Surabaya. So, Stan just came to Surabaya on Saturday evening and went to the eyes hospital straight away. The doctor suspected that there was something more than just vision problems. His pupils were in good shapes. So, the doctor suggested Stan to be hospitalised and checked by a specialist.

He went through medical check-up, including MRI. The result showed that he had a tumour inside his skull and it is pressing the eyes nervous system, therefore he can’t see at all.

He had his operation on Monday, July 26 for 5 hours. I visited him again today at ICU. He was in a good shape, except for the bandage all over his head, wires all over his body and he still hasn’t get his vision back.

We are praying for a miracle, in which he can recover from his sickness, he can regain his vision and his tumour stops spreading. God will be done upon you, baby Stan! Be blessed … Play around

Play around

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