Lesson from The Rich

Two nights ago, I got a sudden invitation from Joe Kang, a good friend from Perth. He was in Surabaya for a day and invited me to have dinner with him and a few friends. At first, I thought it would be just a dinner. But then, I learned something very valuable from them.

The dinner was not just dinner or talk over food, but it was a small reunion among us: Joe Kang, Edwin Suryali, Yeo Kevin, Cynthia and myself. We were united by the same community called TOM (Turrist Orationist Ministry) back in Perth.

Previously, I had assumptions upon all of them: they were born into a filthy rich family and as soon as they finish school, they will have the company right away. Is that right?

The first assumption was right: that they were born into a rich family.

The second, was wrong!

Joe Kang shared a story about his first day of working at his father’s company. He was not introduced as the future generation of that company, instead, his father asked him to make coffee for the guests.

Edwin Suryali also had similar experiences. For the first 8 months of working at his mother’s company, he never get full salary, because he used to come late to work. So, his salary was deducted 30-60% every month, depend on how many days he came late at work.

Kevin Yeo is also facing the same experience. His mother will deduct 250,000 rupiah per day! if he can’t make it to the office at 830am.

While Cynthia, she is still at college, but she also shared a story about her father. They used to stay in Surabaya, but when the children (Cynthia and her siblings) started to go to Perth for higher education, her parents decided to move along. Her father used to own a factory and he was the Director. When he decided to move to Perth, he had to start everything all over again, from scratch. He’s working with Australian Post as a courier. One lesson is that her father was not afraid to start over again, no matter how old was he at that time.

I was amazed with the facts that I just learned about those rich kids! My assumption was wrong and I am reinforced to work harder than before.

I want to be rich! *fingers crossed*

Writing is my way to share it to you.

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