Said I Love You (But I Beat You)

Just before midnight, a good friend of mine -Jonah- called me up. He asked me if I know the latest update of an old friend from Perth, who’s now working abroad.

Jonah said that he just got a text from our friend saying that her boyfriend always swear at her and beat her up. I was so shocked! I met her a few months back and she looked alright. I never had any thoughts of her being beaten up physically and being verbally abused by her boyfriend.

Abusive relationships are everywhere. It can be between partner/spouse. It can be between parents-children. And also in the elderly. Abuse can take many forms: physically, emotionally/maltreatment, sexually and verbally. Being verbally abused is a very big issue. Even though it left no obvious mark as in physical abuse, but the scars are there, inside the victim’s life.

Victims of verbally abusive relationship will feel bad about themselves, they will believe in ‘the fact said’ that they are useless, not worthy and means nothing. The longer the exposure to verbally abuse relationship, the bigger the damage on the victim.

What made me really sad was the text that my friend sent to Jonah. She asked Jonah: will you still consider me as lucky, if you know that my boyfriend always swear on me and beat me up? Because you used to say that I’m such a lucky girl, for my boyfriend loves me so much.


Ladies, please save yourselves. Contact the closest police stations or professionals who can help you – psychologist, counsellor, social worker against abusive relationship, government agency and many more. The longer you stay, the less painful you will feel. The numbness will make you feel helpless and you will decide: this is my life and I have to accept this.
Remember, no one is ever worth enough to beat you or swear on you! Not even your boyfriend who said: I love you! Everytime after he beats you up. Quit from that abusive circle and save yourself. You are not the cause of the problems, because the ones who beat you are the ones who have psychological disorder. They need help!

Writing is my way to share it to you.

One thought on “Said I Love You (But I Beat You)

  1. Gotta agree that abusive relationship is all about circle of pattern. And, sometimes it’s so subtle that we can not notice it. And, it’s also addictive.
    Just wanna share a lyric that fits the situation:

    I kept my tears inside cause I knew if I
    Started I’d keep cryin’ for the rest of my
    Life with you I finally built up the strength
    To walk away don’t regret it
    But I still live with the side effects

    Wakin’ up scared some nights
    Still dreamin’ ’bout the violent times
    Still a little protective ’bout the people
    That I let inside
    Still a little defensive
    Thinkin’ folks be tryin’ to run my life
    Still a little depressed
    Inside I fake a smile and deal with the

    Side effects

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