As If Time is not Worthy

I’m writing this post while sitting in the waiting room of Psychology Faculty. The main reason I came to faculty today is to have a supervision with my second supervisor. She text me last night and told me to come for 1-hour supervision session, from 1200-1300. Now, my clock strikes 1345 and I haven’t had my turn yet.

This kind of non-sense waiting is very common in many well-known Universities in Indonesia, not excluding my uni now. Yes, it is something that we called as: tradition. The lecturers are somehow ‘untouchable’, so we can’t really argue with them or protest them for being super late. Not all lecturers are doing this kind of torturing, but most of them do.

I know one lecturer who did her Masters in Australia a few years back. She’s trying to apply everything that she got in Australia, to her college students and also to herself. She’s trying not to be late or cancel the appointment, she’s capable of lecturing and being a facilitator for us and also … She knows that she’s doing.

I miss those days when I did my degree at UWA, Perth. All the Professors were doing things that they love and you can sense that they did it whole-heartedly. They rarely late or cancel the appointment. They knew what they do and where they would bring our research into. It was just amazing.

Back to the main issue, with this kind of tradition, most of the students already accept it as: what-it-is, as something that normally happen. And this is the start of chaining: where the tradition is keep on repeating itself, on behalf of those people who start it.

Anyway, I should finish it. My supervisor is approaching me now.
Have a good day, everyone!

2 thoughts on “As If Time is not Worthy

  1. Wkwkwwkk sabar ya ce =D..
    Ak dl mbuat penelitian malah lebih parah T_T..
    Ancene useless n torturing traditional hobby..

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