Your Coffee – Your Personality

Yesterday, I had a talk with my friend on our way to attend daily mass. We stopped at a supermarket to buy a can of instant coffee. I had a headache after 4 hours of finishing the 3rd chapter of my thesis and followed by 2 hours of supervision.

I used to buy black coffee, without any other flavors added. But yesterday, I decided to buy a can of coffee latte. I told my friend that I disliked the taste. It was not sweet, it was not bitter. It tasted weird …

He asked me, what kind of coffee that I like. I said, a cup of dark coffee, without sugar. He was surprised!

He said, your coffee can tell your personality. If I like dark coffee without sugar, then it means that I am used to any pains in life and can enjoy the sweetness of bitter life.

I laughed out loud and told him that he was saying nonsense.

Then he gave me an example from a well-known movie, Meteor Garden. One of the main character, Xie Men, brought a cup of dark coffee for his friend. He said, ‘At first it will taste bitter. But if you keep on enjoying it, you can taste the sweetness too.’

I am not saying that my friend was absoultely right, but when I think about my friends and their coffee preferences … I think he was pretty right.

One friend of mine loves the taste of coffee with Vanila creme and extra sugar added. For me, that taste is way too much. In reality, he does the same thing! He’s way too much in his way of thinking or analyzing problem. He’s also way too much when it comes to love stuff. He will spend hours to think of silly problems and call it: reflection process.

Well, one example may not resemble the whole community, but I started to believe that your coffee somehow, resembles your personality.

What coffee do you like? Is that how you live your life?

Writing is my way to share it to you.

2 thoughts on “Your Coffee – Your Personality

  1. My coffee style?
    I hate black one, i hate americano, i hate plain espresso.
    I always add milk or cream, or foam.
    My fave are Cappuccino and Latte, with a little bit of sugar or without.
    Basicly, I love creamy coffee, as creamy as my Guitar tone hehehe..

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