St Thomas More Day – Dedication to Frank

Today (June 22) Catholic church remembering St Thomas More as the patron for lawyers. Why St Thomas More is so important for me? Because I used to stay at St Thomas More College, a college for UWA students, Perth, WA.

This writing is actually my dedication for former Frank, the Scottish cook at my college. Frank was so special for me, because he used to sing ‘Cecilia’ song out loud for me, while he had his cigarette at the back of the kitchen. Despite his hard temper, I found Frank so true to himself.

All Tommy Morons (the residents) know that we can’t mess things up with Frank. I remember, on one shift with Clarence Paul, I got scolded! Well, we’ve got scolded, because we talked during our shift and we let a girl took both menu at the same time. He called both of us from the kitchen and threat Clarence rightaway of losing his shift at the kitchen! While I got an excuse, because by then I was a new kitchen hand.

There’s a rule in Tommy More that we can’t take both main menus at the same time. We allow to take only one dish at first, and then we have to wait for 30 minutes after dinner time started if we want to try the second main dish. This way, all residents will be able to enjoy the dishes fairly.

My first day of working was started with a quick lesson with Steve, head of the kitchen. He’s also a nice guy. We used to have 2 cooks: Steve and Frank. But then, I always worked with Frank, for most of the time.

Few years ago, Gavin Nickellete, one of the ex residents told me about Frank, that he passed away. I forgot the exact date, but I remembered crying over him when I heard the news. Even though I only spend a year at the college, Frank was definitely someone that I won’t forget.

Rest in peace, Frank! All Morons will miss ya!

Writing is my way to share it to you.

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