Rearrange Your Life

So, I just bought two albums of Sabrina. Both albums are acoustic albums and she blew me away. At first, I wasn’t sure if her albums will get my attention. But, after heard a few stories about her albums, I decided to buy both albums.

She did pretty good job in re-arrange the music and sing them with her own style – soothing, calm and relaxing. Well, as I said before, it is acoustic. She covers all kind of genres – from rock to pop, RnB to blues.

I stopped all of my activities when my CD player hit single “Hero” that was sang by Enrique Iglesias. It was amazing! I don’t know why, I felt like I was trapped in a time tunnel and back to the moment when I used to love this song.

She also sang numbers of rock songs from well-known rock bands – Goo Goo Dolls (Yes! I’m talking about ‘Iris’), One Republic, Green Day, and The Calling!

Not to forget those RnB songs – Irreplaceable, Take a Bow and So Sick.

Actually, I am not going to review about her music, beside the fact that I’m blown. What I’m going to say is the fact that our life needs to be re-arranged every now and then. Sometimes we’re too busy hanging on our old and comfortable habits or attitude, and we simply don’t want to change it. We feel that changes are too much. We feel that as we are growing older, we don’t need to adapt to a new kind of lifestyle. But, that paradigm is about to change.

Using the music arrangement paradigm, I can say that Sabrina is merely sings a collection of old songs. She doesn’t sing any new songs at all. But … She did some re-arrangement, which turn out to be easy listening and enjoyable. Her acoustic re-arrangement on the music is something new, even though the songs are not new. For me, this brave attitude brings the listeners into another new dimension.

We need that new dimension in life as well. We are growing every day and yes, we are entering a new dimension of our lives as well. Let’s say, if tonight is your last night as a bachelor, you will need to re-arrange your steps, thoughts and feeling toward your life, starts from tomorrow. Because by tomorrow you will be known as someone’s husband. Within the next couple years, you will need to re-arrange your status again … Because by then you’ll be a father to your first-born child (or children, if they’re twins!).

Life brings us into a new direction every now and then. That’s the fact that we can’t deny. Of course, we can stick still to the old way of thinking or living this life, but slowly you’ll be fade away. No one will ever notice your existence. This world is changing and growing with its every rotation. If the world can’t adapt to you, you are the one to adapt to the world (got this from my Grand Uncle Hei Chit).

Anyway, I need to re-arrange my brain now. It needs some rest …

Hope you can enjoy the lifetime process of re-arranging your way of living.

Much love, Cicilia.

Writing is my way to share it to you.

One thought on “Rearrange Your Life

  1. I just listen to a gospel song “I Understand”
    ughhh how I want to be a gospel singer. I tend to “rearrange” any kind of songs with my R&B-ish style. Hope one day I could achieve that silly dream….
    Sabrina may rearrange the song with her style. I’d love to do mine….


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