What Kill Us The Most

Few days ago, I got a text message from my cousin. He’s one big fan of the late MJ. He asked me a question … I thought it was just a random text.

Cousin: Do you know what kill MJ?
Me: Drugs?
Cousin: Emptiness
Me: Sucks, hey!

Then I started to think …
Maybe my cousin was right. Not just MJ, many people out there are killed by loneliness, feeling rejected and unlovable.

I read a short reflection wrote by Paulo Coelho in his collection ‘Like The Flowing River’. In one story ‘Dead Man In Pyjamas’, he wrote a story about a dead man who passed away because of natural cause in his apartment, alone. His body was found on 2004, but … He has been dead for 20 years! Actually, the police found a skeleton in pyjamas. Beside the body, there was a newpaper dated 20 Feb 1984. No one ever tried to look for this man. His ex-wife never made an attempt to contact him. Nor his friends, who thought that this guy was hiding away after borrowed some money from them.

In our daily life, we maybe surrounded by so many people: family, friends, colleague, neighbours, and strangers. But our surroundings never define whether we are lonely or not. Sometimes we still feel excluded and lonely.

I just heard a story about a middle-aged lady who’s happened to be a millionaire’s wife. She has all the money that she needs, cars, driver and many helpers. In her daily life, she’s not a happy person. Her husband used to beat her everytime they have family problems. One of her son is an active drug user. Her daughter doesn’t close to her and they always end up in fighting. Complete sadness, I guess. So, she feels lonely and she started to taking care of someone else outside her house. That person is a security guy on a bank. They meet regularly when this lady come to the bank. She started to shop a little more from the supermarket and drop a big bag of daily products to the security guy. She cooks for him too!


Well, if we reflect back to ourselves, I think that lady is just chasing her happiness and shoo away her loneliness, even though, she’s doing it the wrong way … I guess loneliness is really a killer. But nonetheless, we still have to face it. So, if you have someone special on your side now, never take granted! Embrace the moment and make love …

Writing is my way to share it to you.

2 thoughts on “What Kill Us The Most

  1. What kill us the most?
    It’s definitely will be this hard+ugly truth that u beautifully wrote down here!

  2. Cecille, welcome back to the land of writings.
    Reading your writing is like killing me in instance coz I’m just no where below your level of writing skill.

    Anyway, I’m a good friend of loneliness. So, no wonder slowly I’m dying 🙂

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