At the Airport

(This piece is written on Feb 6, 2010 – Juanda International Airport, Surabaya, Indonesia)

One place where you can see many people with their unique styles and appearances is at the airport.

Today, as I am sitting and sipping my tea, I see hundreds of people passing by. From businessman (with suit, leather bag and blackberry in hands), designers (with their paperworks), ladies whom married the rich guys (it’s obvious from their Hermes, LV or Channel bags) and the ordinary people, like myself. Why do I call myself ordinary? Because I wear short-sleeve shirt, jeans and sandals (ehm .. ).

Anyway, the experiences of looking and watching people passing by in front of me is always fascinating. Some are just walking and keep on walking through the aisle no matter what. Some are busy answering their phones and loudly speak through it. Some are just enjoying the feeling of being centre of attention, in which they walk with head straight up, wearing high heels and the latest trend of model.

A girl who’s sitting beside me is busy taking photos of herself with her cell phone. How do I know that? Because it’s obvious from her gestures and the clicking sound of her cell phone camera. Well, at least she’s doing something fun for herself.

I’m enjoying this moment by writing down the scenes in front of my eyes, while wondering what’s on their mind as they walk pass me by. I guess, some people also guessing what’s on my mind while I’m busily typing on my blackberry..

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