Personal Review: Up In The Air

At first, I watched this movie because a friend of mine recommended it to me.

At last, I have to agree that this movie is a good choice of his.

I thought this movie was just about trips, Flight Attendants or stories connected with aircraft. But, two weeks ago, with snacks on my lap and a hot tea on my side table, I figured out the message of this lovely drama.

Bingham is a famous motivator who tell others not to be committed to someone (this is what he said during his sister’s weeding). With his famous quotation: “what’s in your backpack?” he could make others listen to him and somehow, motivate them.

His question of what’s in your backpack tickled me a lot. I was thinking to myself, what kind of things or who are the loved ones (or unloved ones) that always be in my backpack? I consider myself as a person who wouldn’t let my things and people around me just slipped away without a trace. I would like an explanation, at least by saying goodbye.

This slipping away moment also happened to Bingham. Just when he wanted to make a connection with a woman that he met during his several trips, his heart was broken. Broken by the fact that this woman was not a single lady, but she was a wife and a mother. She said that was her real life. So, all her trips and stay-over were all her fake life.

That scene also tickled me a lot. Why is it so easy for that lady to separate her family life with her ‘personal-love affair’ life? She could be a good wife and mother whenever she’s home and turns into wild-sexy and seductive woman while she was with Bingham. For me, that’s not fair (but is there fairness anyway?).

This movie reminded me of so many similar stories around me. How people can easily slipped away, by saying goodbye roughly, or not saying goodbye at all. They were good players in their life stories and without their knowing, they hurt other people around them. At the end, just like Bingham back to his ordinary life, many people with similar stories also end up going back to their ordinary lives, at least to make them realize that life is still on-going and nothing has changed that much.

Is that true?

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