I Don’t Want to be a Mom, I’m Still P1

I have a private tutorial centre for International School students. Every day there are a few classes held by my assistants. Last week, on my short stay in Malang, I came to the classes and met with the students and my assistants. There was one girl called Alice. She’s one of P1 students at my place. When I entered the room, her teacher asked her to tell me a story that just happened at school. So, I asked her to tell me the story. She said, “Zachary (her classmate) said ‘I love you, because you are pretty’ “. We laughed when she told me that story.

Then, with my curiosity, I asked Alice what did she reply. At first she said nothing, but then she realized that she replied something to Zachary. She answered, ‘I don’t like you!’. We made into another chorus of laughter …

But, the biggest flow of laughter came when Alice told her teacher that, ‘I don’t want to be a mom, because I am still P1’.

For me, her honest answer came from a deep observation on her mom’s daily activity. Her mom always drives her around and knows everything on her school works, homework and her development at school, so Alice understands how hard is it to be a mom. She emphasized that she doesn’t have that capability to be a mom now, because she’s only a young child.

The way children nowadays analyze the situation represents a great growth of mental capacity. It comes from the nutrition given since their conception up until their development throughout their childhood years. Parents and school staffs also provide another kind of stimulation which differed from the old days stimulation. It also means that the older generation has to come up with a better way of parenting, stimulating and teaching their children.

Alice did a good job in analyzing her mom’s roles and she knows that it’s not yet her time.

Way to go, Parents!

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