Tennis Athlete or Model: How People Share Their Comments

Since few years ago, we’ve seen many beautiful faces played as tennis athletes. The men are hot as well! I did not really pay attention to the beauty of those athletes. I saw many pictures in my brothers’ magazines about those beuaty at the tennis court. But, what really caught my attention was a conversation at the bookstore.

I was waiting for my relatives to come at a big mall in Surabaya. So, I decided to browse around at the bookstore, while I was waiting for them. It turned out that the sales persons were watching TV and they saw Maria Sharapova at one tennis game. She’s truly a beauty!

The man at the bookstore said that Maria Sharapova should stop her career as tennis athlete, because she can be an actress. She doesn’t have to sun bathe anymore, because she will create more money once she agrees to be an actress. I was laughing silently, because the conversation really interesting for me.

What attracts me from that conversation was not the Maria Sharapova or tennis game, but more into how other people react at someone else’s life. Many of Indonesian TV stations broadcast stories about celebrities in countless gossip shows. Some are very funny and easy to follow, the others are created to be somehow scarier and full of mystery. The presenter will read the script in a certain tone which will give a chill sensation to the viewers. They will read the script with the same cold expression from the start of the show, til the closing.

Talking about someone else’s life contains a great fun! Yes, whether you like it or not, the rating of gossip shows is always high. Even in cable TV, you can find many stations which produce only gossip shows, and they could make life from that shows per se.

Anyway, let’s just quit, before we talk too far and start gossiping other people in my blog.

3 thoughts on “Tennis Athlete or Model: How People Share Their Comments

  1. For sure Maria Sharapova is a mankinds’ mirracle beauty to all men, young, teens, of middle age and old age as well, leave alone some female mankind who by not cheating most may feel jealous and despise her as usual! Hey !!, Man may endup in thunderbolt. Conclusively Maria is very beautiful and handsome, yet is an athlete.Thank You God !for blessing her, we enjoy looking at her when in performance as a tennes player and when she is socially mixed with us.

  2. Hi Maria Sharapova I’m a awesome fan of you you play really good I’m 11 years old and I live in the white mountains white is in Show Low, and I am a girl.

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