My Perspective on Jack Bauer

I just finished watching the 7th season of 24 in just 3 days. I am not going to review the movie making or the plot, because I am going to write about the characters. I will start with Jack Bauer, my favorite character for his strong will and firm decision. If you have watched Bauer’s action in any season of 24, you will understand how strong his will is and how firm his decision. In 7th season, Kim Bauer, his daughter, said that no one would change her father’s mind, once he made his decision. That’s true …

As an agent

Bauer is willing to give all for his country and he would never have second thought if he is asked to participate in any urgent actions, mostly to tackle terrorist attacks. He is able to learn fast from his previous experiences on how to tackle his enemies and how to react in any given situations. He’s been held as a hostage many times and as the signs, you may check under his shirt and count the scars that he has (anyway, I am not going to count his scars).

His intuition seems to go over his formal actions. Therefore, he always ends up to be the scape goat whenever the formal institutions are included in the circle of his actions. He never intended to disregard the rules or organizational chains, but he always follows the leads to the next place of terrorism target as the first priority.

He knows how to hold on to his belief, firmly.

As a father

Well, I don’t really know how to comment on Bauer as a father. Physically he never spends a lot of time beside his daughter, Kim. But, he always cares about Kim in his heart. I know this sounds weird, because how can a father cares about his daughter when he never spends time with her. Bauer’s work has potential danger at all time, therefore he excludes Kim from his inner circle. Kim was once worked for CTU (now, it has been closed), but she risked her life when she covered up to be a hostage. I believe Bauer hated that experience very much.

As a person

I should say, Bauer is one person with integrity, hold on to his words and willing to do whatever it takes when it comes to save his country. He gets other people to trust him easily, because they know that Bauer will keep his promise. Even though he has lost many people that he loves, he never gives up to keep on giving to others.


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