My Perspective of Holiday-ing

Finally, I’ve done all the internship reports and I can have some time off for myself. It’s my second day and I really am enjoying my time. I’ve been read a few books in which the characters defined the meaning of having holiday on their own, but I never really understood what they were doing. Now, I can understand the subjective meaning of having a holiday. It doesn’t really matter where you are, what you are doing or who you are with. It’s all in your mind and how you can relax every muscle in your body and most of all, having a perfect state of mind .. that you are holiday-ing.

Yesterday, I woke up at 8am. Started my day by having a hot shower and followed by a good morning hug from my niece. I had my breakfast slowly and drove to my Granny’s house for a visit. After a few hours of snacking and having light conversations about all the things crossed in our minds, I went home and turned on my TV cable. It was a great moment of listening to Rock Tunes at V channel. Started with Slipknot (Psychosocial) and closed by …. I couldn’t remember, because I feel asleep by then. I listened about 8-10 songs and enjoyed it very much. I could watch the latest video clips of Daughtry (No Surprise), Linkin Park (New Divide) and Madina Lake (Let’s Get Outta Here).

In the evening, I enjoyed the preciuos moments to be with my family. I made a cold Milo for my niece, while she was dancing, singing around and finally sitting at my lap to watch her billion photos in my computer. The evening was closed when I sent my Dad to an optic. He needed a new pair of glasses and I need to buy a good sunny, because I’ve spent my daytime driving around. Well, the shopping was good and I was glad with the price given after discount.

Today .. I started my day with Sunday Mass. The moment was perfect, I just couldn’t ask for more.

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