On A Spontaneous Day

A friend of mine suggested me to be spontaneous and enjoying my time without my diary. Well, I am not a strict person, who always write down every single thing into my diary, but I am trying to do so, because it will give some free space for my brain to think of something else (that’s what I learned from ‘Time Management’ lesson from Randy Pausch).

Today is a spontaneous day for me…

At 7.30am I should had my session with the caregivers of an orphanage, in which I just had my internship. I had to give tips on how to take care of the young children. But, at 6.45am, the Sister in that orphanage cancelled the session and asked me to come tomorrow morning. Without hesitation, I said ‘yes’. Then, after I hung up, I grabbed my blanket and off to my bed.

At 9.15am, a best friend sent me sms and asked me whether I want to have breakfast with him and another friend. Again, wihout hesitation, I said ‘yes’. I took 30 mins to take shower and getting ready.

Then again, after spending 1.5 hours at my campus, my friend asked me if I could accompany her to spend a few hours together, because she couldn’t go back to her boarding house, due to the repairment. I offered her to go to the mall and have some chat together. We found ourselves sitting in a fast food restaurant and having ice cream, then we went to a bookstore and search for interesting books and we also went into couple of shoe shops! We were going to buy high-heels shoes, because we thought we look good in it. LOL!

During the evening, I sent a message to my friend from Perth (she’s in Surabaya at the moment) that I have vouchers to eat sushi. She replied and asked me on when we can have sushi together. I was thinking for a while, then I asked her if we can make it tonight. She agreed and we had a long chat during 3 sets of sushi, 2 cups of ice creams and 1 set of beef BBQ. It was a great time to spend with her (along with cheap price after discount).


I think having a day off of schedules and my diary worth a try. I definitely had a great time with my friends and able to bring fresh air to my packed days. Well, I believe that lives must be varied by different colors, or else you will have a boring lives.

Thank you guys, for cheering up my spontaneous day!

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