Don’t Know How to Hit The Brake

I always fall in love with what-so-called hectic days. For me, being occupied is something good, so that I do not waste my time doing nothing. I could easily fall asleep when I have nothing to do, and surely my mind is wandering around when I am not occupied. I know how to speed up, but I don’t know how to hit the brake…

My friend told me that I am starting to lose my control over myself. I always ask more and more to myself and I set a higher standard for myself, every now and then. Theoretically, I am categorized as Type A Personality. It is a type of personality who always needs challenges and busy days. It looks good on me, until I read the research outcomes which said that type A has a higher risk for heart attacks! Well, that scared me out a bit…

I ask myself about what do I really want to achieve in this life. This is crucial, because for me, life is about making dreams come true and make my beloved ones happy. I want to achieve that. I have my dreams list and I have my family on my side, and I want them to be happy. I am doing my best to achieve all of my dreams. I know where I am heading and I am sure with my capability. Well, if my cell group friends read this post, they will blame me for being so self-centered and not so God-centered. I think I am a God-centered person, at least I am trying all the time. Even though I am so determined with my own plans, I still believe that He has the key plan upon me and I believe that God sees my hard work.

Anyway, getting back to the topic. Sometimes I have to admit that I forget to hit the brake. I keep on speeding up on my way to the dreams that I want to reach and I forget to look around. One thing about speeding up is, I can reach my destination a bit faster, but I lose all the opportunities to enjoy my surroundings. Sometimes I miss the moments of laughing out loud without meaning and spend the night at karaoke lounge. Now, for me, those activities are time consuming and it’s not my part to enjoy that during workdays. Correct me if I am wrong…

I think I should take a break for now. Retreat to a quieter place and learn on how to hit the break.

Good night, everyone!

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