I Think Grandpa is An Old-School

I just had dinner out with my best friend. She just came from Atambua, a small country town in Nusa Tenggara. She is pregnant and will due next month. During our dinner, we shared stories, and one of them was about her father-in-law, who is old school and always has argumentation about everything.

So, last week my friend and her husband told her father-in-law about her habit during night time. She always puts on the headphone on her tummy and let the baby listens to classics. The baby always reacts in many ways, mostly in making movements. Actually this conversation was started by a statement made by the in-law. He said that the classics in the CD player was nice and very soothing. Therefore, my friend’s husband was encouraged to share their story. They thought as a Grandpa-to-be, he will be happy to listen to this nice story.

But, their thought was wrong. Grandpa was not happy!

He said that by letting the baby listens to classics will make the baby sad when he is coming in this world, because what he hears through classics and the reality of this world won’t be the same. So, there is no use for the baby to listen to classics every night… What a narrow-minded Grandpa he is… (oops, I become very subjective!).

Grandpa also told my friend not to eat nice and yummy food, because by then the baby will be very picky! The baby will understand that his mother loves to eat nice food, so he will do the same thing too, by being picky and hard to control!

Well, I’ve learned Psychology for many years, and I never heard this kind of expectation by a Grandpa-to-be… I believe he’s an old-school…

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