Learning from My Niece

This is another post that inspired by my beloved niece, Ellicia. She is now 2 years and 3 months old. She has more than 100 vocabularies and able to answer why or how questions. Sometimes I am amazed by how fast she can learn new things at a time. She is having a great time learning from her surroundings. The latest development is when she becomes a teacher for her 2 barbie dolls.

She used my flash cards as a tool and ask her barbies about the picture. At one picture, she showed a picture of bird. She asked the barbie, ‘What is this?’, she answered, ‘Bird’ (=burung). Then she asked, ‘Apa Inggrisnya?’ (what is the English of burung?). She answered, ‘Sama yah’ (it’s the same!). I was laughing out loud on how she teach her barbies. It was great to see her learning so quick (see the video).

I used to teach her on how to name the things that she can see around her. Started by common things, such as: table, spoon, plate, or chair. Then I went to teach her with animals, such as: birds, doggie, cats or fly. And the list went on. Now, she can understand my questions or sentences that I ask her in  contexts. She might not understand the meaning of every word, but she understand what I ask her and how to answer to that question.

I am learning new things too, everytime I teach my niece new things. One of it is, how to keep on learning, despite how old my age is and how fast the time travels. I can understand the meaning of learning at all time, in every different situation and through every season. My niece always asks questions on what, how or why things happened. She also asks where to buy certain stuff, who buy that or how much is the price! She learns to asks certain questions depend on the situation or context. Awesome development, isn’t it!

She is now a fans of paper-and-pencil activities. She loves to scribble on her paper and then tell stories regarding that picture. Even though she couldn’t draw as much as the things look like, but she could pour out her thought on certain things. She is at the right stage of fine motor development, scribbling stage.

I will write more on her development…

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