Bombs Hit Jakarta Again …

This morning was a shocking moment for everybody. Not just those people around Kuningan, Jakarta, but the whole world was shocken by the bombing incident that hit Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott hotels. The first bomb exploded at around 7.45 am at the Marriott and 2 minutes later, it hit the Ritz. The latest TV news that I watched at 2pm (Jakarta time), there were at least 9 people were killed and the other 50 were injured. Among the fatalities, there was Timothy D. Mackay, CEO of Holcim Indonesia.

Police suspected that the bombers stayed at the hotel, therefore no suspisicious movement detected before the bombing. Even one German cameraman was surprised by the incident, because the security system was good and everyone had to be checked before entering to the hotel.

Later on today, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono planned to visit the site, but the plan was declined because the site is not sterile yet. So, he held a press conference to point out his statement on possibility of attacks done by those irresponsible people to destroy the trust of Indonesian people.  The President showed some photos of terrorist doing their practices, such as: shooting and make the President’s picture as the target. All those photos were collected by Indonesian intelligent agents.

The effects of this bombing is large and will affect Indonesian people in many ways. One of them is the cancellation of Manchester United players to visit Indonesia and have their match with Indonesian soccer players.

Police haven’t announced any suspects in this bombing, therefore pointing our fingers to Jamaah Islamiyah or any other political figures, who against Yudhoyono re-election, will be considered premature.

Let’s wish for a better life in this country…

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