The Portion of You in Community

You and me composed the community.

You, me and them composed a larger community.

We are all part of community … started from our family, school friends, colleagues, or club mates. No matter which community you are involve in, you are part of community.Some of community members are active, sometimes too active. But some of them are passive, and of course, they could be too passive to contribute.

I’ve been part of many communities in my life. My family, cell group, catholic community, colleague, or university friends. Each of the community has its own demands on me, as a member. The other members also have their demands on me, as part of the community, just like them.

I also have my own demands onto the community, as well as to its members. I wish that the relationships build could works two ways, me to you .. and you to me.

The portion of YOU in community can be defined in many ways. I know a girl who was busy handling an event in her community. At first, she was excited, wrote down everything into her list-to-do/bring. She was also the first member to arrive at the venue and decided to volunteered herself to clean up the whole house. On the final day, she cried hard and get mad on the other members, because she thought that she was the only one who was willing to get busy, while the others were enjoying their time leisurely. Who could be blame for such thing? You tell me …

Being an active member and contribute to your community is something positive and suggested, but being too active can bring you down.

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