Dinner with Jazz Stars

I had my dinner a few nights ago in a special room, in which I could enjoy the most romantic jazz music. I was in a relaxed mood and able to enjoy every bit of my meal. I also felt happy, because I was not alone, for I was with Billy Joel…


So, yeah … I had my dinner, a mealbox of rice and steamed chicken cooked with traditional chinese herbs. I drank a bottle of mineral water and enjoyed a banana after my meal. I was completely alone in my boarding room. The walls white and the size is small, about 2m x 3m. After all … I had my iPod on my ears, and the song was ‘New York States of Mind’ sang by Billy Joel!

That song was not a new list in my ‘Jazz’ song list. But I never had such a feeling when I listened to the same song. That night, I was able to think beyond the literal lyrics, for I was trying to reach far beyond that. I tried to grasp the meaning of that song, a personal meaning for me.

In the lyrics, the singer showed appraisal and love for New York City, no matter where he is. He just wants to be in New York, or at least feel the scene of New York. The same thing happened to me. That night, I was so boring. I already stayed in my room for 3 days, for I had swollen eyes, due to infection. I tried so hard to ‘whoo’ the loneliness and boredom, but I knew that I couldn’t get out without risk other people to be infected by the same virus. So, I decided to change the way I view my surroudings. I decided to be in New York with Billy Joel.

Billy Joel (www.billyjoel.com)
Billy Joel (www.billyjoel.com)

I learned a lesson that the power of mind is much stronger that the power of our body. Our mind is strong enough to stop tears roll down into big laugh. Mind is also full of tricks, in which it can turns boredom into something fun and exciting. It’s all in your mind and all you need to do is to control your mind, at least to stick onto positive thoughts (most of the times).

No matter where I was … I was happy to be with Billy Joel!

Some folks like to get away
Take a holiday from the neighbourhood
Hop a flight to Miami Beach
Or to Hollywood
But I’m taking a Greyhound
On the Hudson River Line
I’m in a New York state of mind
(New York State of Mind – Billy Joel)

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