Does Money Matter?

It’s not a slogan of bank or any finance company. It comes from my observation on people around me. I drove pass a city park one day and saw so many people there. In my hometown, most of the people of go to the city park at Saturday night to have date there or simply bring their children there, are identical with people from lower SES. Most rich and famous people are having their weekend at the club, hotel lounge or any other exclusive places. But something stole my attention…

I saw that people at the park were happy! They were happy, literally happy. They were holding hands, laughing out loud in the middle of the park and they seemed burden less. While the people that I’ve seen at those high maintenance buildings and super expensive coffee price were not as happy as they supposed to be. They were busy talking ‘to’ their mobile phone, checking their facebook status thru their Black Berry or playing nine balls. They have minimal physical contact with their loved ones and they were lack of natural love expressions.

Money Matter
Money Matter

I know that not all the people at the park were as happy as I thought, or as they seemed. I also know that all the rich and famous people were not as unhappy as I thought, because they just get used to that love-lifestyle. I’m here not to judge anyone with their preferences on how they have dates, but I just want to share my own opinion on how money might determine your happiness. Many people say no (that money won’t affect their love life), even though many agree that money might affect their love life.

Sometimes I am wondering to myself, will I ever be as happy as those people at the park… if in the worse case, my partner and I have no money? Will you be able to be happy?

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