The Meaning of Being Loved

During May, I’ve spent 3 weeks to be with the children at the orphanage. At first, I thought that their parents were heartless, they have no efforts whatsoever to take care of their own offsprings. They don’t even care if their children were alive or not. And I thought there was no better place for a child to grow, beside at their own home with their parents. But after 3 weeks with those children, I’ve changed my mind…

Im falling in love...
Im falling in love...

I found the real meaning of being loved! The children were loved by the nuns and the caregivers. They can have 3 times meal everyday, plus 2 times of snacks and fruits. They even drink milk twice a day, something that can’t get if they live with their parents.

Last Saturday, I spent 3 hours talking to the nun of my group. She told me about background of some children who need special attentions from the caregiver. Abused children, poor family, incest, learning dissabilities, and neglected children. Some of their parents do not care about them in some ways, they rarely visit their children, never pay for the school fee or living cost. The orphanage never charge the parents with certain amount of money and wishing that parents will pay as much as they could to support their own children. Half of the money given will go to the saving account which belongs to each child. The orphanage fully support the school fee, daily living cost and other expenses for the children. I found the new meaning of being loved … Those children are loved by their caregivers, put all of their past and cruelty behind.

Another lesson of giving love in this life…

3 thoughts on “The Meaning of Being Loved

  1. I was driving my car while listening to “You And I” a song tribute for Stevie Wonder. Suddenly, I got teary eyed when I remember the kids at the orphanage. They touched me and gave encourage for everything I’ve been through in my life.
    Novena (one of the kid) told me that the kids like the presence of us in there. They always calling at us and one of them cried when we left.
    They love me in all of the way they could and I really appreciate that they see me as a human, a special human….
    Now more than I ever, I feel that they’re also special…… in my heart….

    1. It’s true! Every child at the orphanage really touches us deeply in some ways. I started to love them too. They love me and you without looking at our status, money or educational level. I’m learning a new meaning of being loved!

      Be happy there, darling!

  2. I met your profile from the history f yours at the time you look into my profile and DEAR LORD…I find you as a nice person…

    You love to spend lots of time in orphanage…

    dear cicilia..

    keep on going and GOD bless ya…

    cheer up yr life dear and the happiness you have given to them will be heard by GOD and just wait of happines HE will pour into you


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