Parents are Craving to be Famous

This story is a bit ridiculous, but yet happened.

So, my niece is a student in a baby club in Malang, East Java. Last Tuesday, the principle called my sister-in-law. She said that my niece is chosen to be the model of that school and her photo will be on the brochures and other promotional media. My niece is not the only one, for there are 23 other students chosen from hundreds. The principle said that the promotional media will be used for 1.5 years and therefore the media tax is very expensive. She said that every one of those 24 students will need to pay 500,000 IDR (around US$50)!

For me it’s weird … the school needs models for their own benefit, but then the parents have to pay certain amount of money to pay for the taxes and other expenses. My sister-in-law refused at first, because she did not want to pay that amount of money. Then, on Thursday, the principle called back and she said that my niece got 50% discount, just to lure my sister-in-law…

Amanda and Ellice
Amanda and Ellice

Well, in fact, she tries to lure all the 24 parents to pay the money by saying that ‘your children will be models of school and they will be famous’! How good her marketing system!

One young mother said that she did not think twice when she got the offer, because she thought that her son might get another offer from modeling agent. I think she’s not the only one who think that way. Don’t you think so? Imagine, how much money that the school will get?

Oh, parents … you are craving to be famous!

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