Clinical Case Presentation

The obvious similarities among all of Clinical students this morning were tired eyes, weary smile and adrenaline rush to the heart, for some of us were having our presentation this morning. Every person had 1 hour session, 15 minutes of presentation and 45 minutes for Q&A. Some were doing so well, some were messing around with their data and test interpretation.

The process of diagnosing the disorders is not something technically done by machine or key answer per se. It is something ‘BIG’ for we have someone else’s life in that process. If we diagnose someone with clinical disorder, it will give the impression of having a disease for the rest of his/her life. Therefore, the results of any psychological tests given are not supposed to be ‘read’ merely as categorical, i.e.: very bright, normal, above average, below average, mental retardation, etc.

Writing up my reports
Writing up my reports

Projective tests are very tricky. The way we interpret the tree, person or family drawn by the client is very subjective, yet objective, based on personality theory. We can’t interpret the picture as fragment, but as the whole perspective of a client. Other projective tests such as: CAT, Ro or TAT are also tricky. If we wrongly define the needs and press of the clients, then the rest of the interpretation will be such a non-sense.

Well, i still have to learn more on diagnosing the clients, based on observation, interview and/or tests.

Anyone wants to share it with me?

3 thoughts on “Clinical Case Presentation

    1. Hahahaha … all of us were learning the same things!
      By the way, I was intending to talk about my field colleague.
      I love you all … Jeje and Edwin!

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