When Psychologist Has to Make Diagnosis

I hope I do not make you think of me as a philosopher, because I am not. I only a psychologist-want-to-be and therefore I am doing my Masters in Psych now. I have been disturbed by a thought of having case presentation on April 27. My colleagues and I were busy preparing the reports and slides for the presentation. But it’s not only that… I am looking deeper at the process that we are going through now.

I believe that in every process of life, we will make mistakes once, twice or even more. The wisdom of making mistake is to make us learn from that experiences and avoid the same potholes in the future. And now, I am in my process of being a psychologist. I have to write down the reports from my practicum last week in the orphanage and have to present it in front of my colleagues and lecturers (I feel the tense in my neck!)…

What do I fear the most is to make a correct diagnosis and prognosis. I wonder to myself, this is how it feels to be a doctor. When a patient comes to see the doctor, what the patient wants is to get a correct diagnosis and get well through the correct medication given. In psychological term, medication is known as intervention.

Intervention is designed according the client’s personality aspects, ego strength, strength/weaknesses, unconscious needs/conflicts (if any) and there are many points to consider. We, as psychologists, have to be thorough while collecting data (assessment) through interview, observation and tests (if needed). Then, we have to compare between what we see and what we get from the test results. The results from observation, interview and tests sometimes are not consistent among each other, therefore we have to be able to read between the lines, not merely believe in what we see or what we got.

Anyway, I have to go back to my reports. I believe that what I do today is something that I will do as a psychologist in the future. I have to push myself to the edge, so that I will be able to make a better decision each and everyday, for the sake of my clients.

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