Different Value, Different Action

I am a big fans of CSI series. All the three cities: Las Vegas, New York and Miami. But if I have to choose my favorite character, I would say … Gil Grissom, the supervisor of CSI Las Vegas. My main reason of choosing Grissom is his ability to balance his head and his heart while he’s working in the field and the lab. This week episode in AXN is the last episode where we can watch Grissom in action. He had said goodbye last week to his lab members. To be honest, I hate it!

Last week, I thought I would stop watching CSI if he really left the group. But then, last week case was not solved in one episode, so this week is the last week for Grissom. At the end of this episode, he visited Sara Sidle (his lost loved one) in Costa Rica. They ended up kissing…


One friend told me that Grissom’s action was based on his life values. His values are different to my values. I thought he was stupid for letting go off his position as CSI 1 and searched for his lost loved one. Sara had sent Grissom a video, in which she said that they better live that way, separately, because she could no longer live in Vegas with its cruel lifestyle. I think that’s the trigger on why Grissom decided to leave the group and search for Sara.

Sometimes we forget that our values are different compare to others. Like my values against Grissom’s. Those life values drive us toward certain actions or decisions. I may think Grissom was stupid, if I use my own values. But for Grissom, that’s the best decision that he could make.

What is your life value?

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