Life Changing Moments

Everyone has their own experiences in their life that may be considered as life changing moments. One person may sees marriage as a life changing moment in his/her life. Others may see life differently after their loved ones has gone. Whatever the events that may happen, the important point that we may get is the changing of our lives. From a certain event, we may get better or we may get worse. From a certain event, we may learn the lesson, or we may live the old life as usual.

One changing moment for me was when my Grandma passed away. She was one of the kindest woman that I ever know in my life. She never get mad at other people and she was able to solve any kinds of problems with love and smile. She had 9 children (my mom is the 6th) and 4 step-sons, for my Grandpa married twice. She never look down at Grandpa’s 2nd wife or the children. When she passed away 8 years ago, her step-sons were there and mourned as they missed their own mother.

My Grandma watches me from up above
My Grandma watches me from up above

I kissed her cold body and I was so sad, for I knew that would be my last time of touching her face and kiss her. She used to stay at my house a few months in a year. The longest was on 1997, when she stayed for almost a year. She slept at my room and wes shared stories together. I always helped her to button her pyjamas every afternoon after she took her bath. Even though her physical condition was not good, her warm heart and love was never change…

Other people may see life differently. My cousin had a worse car accident a few years back with his friends. One of them passed away instantly and the other one was passed away a few days later. He got numbers of cuts and bruises. He also got his legs operated. It was a super shocking moment for him and his family. After that accident, he was afraid of rainy days, because the thunder might cause pain in his legs (due to he metal planted inside his legs). His life was changed all at once…

One of my friend had his experiences of being kicked away by his girlfriend. They had been together for 2 years and my friend had already paid some amount of money to buy a new house for both of them. The girl did not know it at all. Then suddenly, she left my friend alone. She said that their relationship was never work out, because my friend’s mother hated her so much. Six months later, she engaged with another man and within the same year after leaving my friend, she married to that guy. She gave birth a months later, for she carried the baby before the marriage. My friend moved to another country and started his new life over  there. I know that he’s been trying hard to forget all about his ex-girlfriend, but the sadness kills him until today. Even though he says that the sadness period is over, I still can see a disbelief in his eyes.

Have you had your own life-changing moments?

Share it with me and others….

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