When a Child is Exploring This World

I read books on children development, trying to memorize the stages by Kohlberg, Piaget or Freud. But none of them is ever satisfied me as I watch my niece grows up. She’s turning 2 on  April 16. I know that she’s a little girl in our eyes, but her exploration toward this world is amazing, even for me. I’m trying to speak English to her as much as I could. Now, she can understand some short sentences, formal greetings and daily commands. She can answer my questions and sometimes answer that in English. Sometimes she will answer in Indonesian or even Chinese. She bets me in Chinese!

Under the bed is a lot of fun
Under the bed is a lot of fun

She can finds the best spots to play. That means everywhere inside the house. She could enjoy her moment of staying under her bed and playing with her toys. She enjoys pretend cooking very much and now she knows how to clean up her mess. She can run around the house, brings her child’s bible and ask me to read for her. Then in the middle of the story, she will stop me and make her own stories. She is so adorable…

Cleaning up the mess
Cleaning up the mess

Every new word that she master, brings us into a happiness, being proud because we can teach her so much at her young age. She also knows the story of Jesus and His sacrisfaction on the cross. She knows that Jesus loves her so much and she can bless her food before she starts to eat. I just can’t believe that a toddler can do so much things!

The rituals that I love is when she bless me, give me a super tight hug and kiss me before I go to Surabaya each week. She would be the one who hug me first, when I come home every weekend. So, I’m addicted to her hugs and I’m longing for that hugs…

To be honest, my niece is the best gift from God!

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