Happy Easter!

Last year during Lent, I printed out a piece of coloring page from the internet. Too bad I forgot to take a photo of that picture. It is a page full of eggs! I remember that I wrote down: “Count those uncountable eggs, that’s how much Jesus loves us!” I still have that page attached on my wall until today.

Easter always brings me into a new sensation of having a relationship renewal with God. He shows His love for many times, again and again. And for me? I keep on making Him dissapointed by enjoying my sinful life, ignore His calls to come closer or just coming for cell group.

But I know that I have to keep on coming back to Him. If I’m doing something wrong, I would have two choices: be like Judas or Peter. Both of them were doing something terribly wrong. Judas backstabbed Jesus, and then he killed himself. Peter denied that he knew Jesus, but he gave his life for God. I would choose to be like Peter.

So, Happy Easter everyone! Let’s celebrate this renewal of our lives … for Jesus had given His life for us!

23-month-old Ellice knows how to pray
23-month-old Ellice knows how to pray

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