Suicidal Tendency

So, these past few days I’ve seen and heard at least 2 incidents of young woman who were going to do suicide. One of them is now a celebrity, because she came up in a national TV show. The other one is my old friend…

Let’s start with the first girl, she climbed up a 4-storey tower and stand up in the outer side of it. She was there for quite sometimes, until she collapse, lost her consciousness and fell into the ground! But fortunately, people on the ground had already set up the safety fabric, so she fell into that fabric … She was saved and able to share her story national wide.

Second story … is about one of my old friend is Australia. She is a very nice young mother with girly style and her softness. She is married with one young and handsome guy, but unfortunately, with the bonus: bad temper. He loves to see everything in order and according to the rules. To be noted, the rules are set up by him. So, frankly to say: his wife has to follow everything he says, or else, they will end up fighting. The last time fighting was bad … because she decided to take couple of panadol at one time. She was saved by her brother, who sent her rightaway to the hospital.


People are facing their pressure everyday. The environment, the work pace, family matters, the affairs done by their partner and many many more. The stress level for everybody is different, it is depending on their condition too. One same event may have different effect on different people. For some people, having a husband with bad temper may make them sad and blue, but it will not make them do suicidal actions, like my friend did. But for some other people, they may act the same way as my friend did. We can’t blame them …

For all of you who are having problems and you realize that, you can seek help from the professionals. Go to psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor or just see your friends and ask them to listen to you. By telling others on what’s happening around you, it will help you lighten the burden. That’s important for you …

Seeking help is not a sign that you are weak… it’s a sign that you are having enough with your problems.

Hope those teo incidents of doing suicidal actions, will not even cross your mind!

One thought on “Suicidal Tendency

  1. I have to ask the question: “do you feel like ending your life or harming yourself” in almost every session. It’s sad to see people so young (who are supposed to have so much potential and hopes for the future) would consider to end their lives.

    true, sharing these thoughts and feelings to others would help a great deal. No mountains too high and no problems are too great for God’s love.

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