Child Worker: Soul for Sale

Children are meant to be happy. They are created by our God to enjoy their surroundings and be happy with their life. But, when we look outside our windows, we can see many children are having hard times. They have to work full-time in their childhood in order to support their family economic life. Many children in developing countries are loosing their school hours, study time and play time with their mates, just because they have to work. Sometimes, they work harder than adults and get lower payment…

I saw a TV show called ‘Kick Andy’ in local TV station, Metro TV. The host, Andy, invited numbers of child workers. There were 3 boys who had been working in shoes company for a few years. They work as early as 8 o’clock in the morning until 5 pm. Then they will have 2 hours recess. At 7pm, they have to start their second shift, until 12 am. With that much amount of working hours, they only get very low payment rates, depend on the seniority. The youngest boy only got Rp. 150,000/month or US$25/month!

Young newspaper seller in front of a mall in Surabaya (Private Collection)

Beside those boys, there was a 17-year-old girl who had been working as sex worker for the past 3 years. All of her classmates know about her ‘status’ but thankfully, they did not harm her in any ways. She said that from her job, she can supports her parents and sisters/brothers at her kampong. Her parents did not about her job at first, but then they just told her to quit. No further action or what-so-called punishment. I’m thinking, the economic reason must have stronger position behind her parents’ decision.Sometimes parents are the actors behind commercial child sex workers… They really sell young souls into nothing.

Government really needs to keep their promises of taking care these young generation. They promised to provide free education for children from low economic status. But, yeah … as we can see, it’s not yet happening. If only those young children could go to school, we can save their future in advanced. We can see them grow up as educated adults and develop this country together.


Let’s hope for a better future!

Hopefully those young souls will be saved …

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