I’m a Nanny’s Child

It’s a normal phenomenon in Indonesia to see a child with nanny. Child sticks with nanny, from the earliest morning until bedtime again. Nanny is being responsible to prepare a child’s food, vitamins and school work. Nanny is also responsible to play with the child and also to accompany the child to play games. Nanny is the one who will be blamed if the child is crying or fall. Simply to say, call Nanny and everything is going to be alright.

Mothers, especially the young ones, are busy to be socialites. They hang out everytime they meet up, especially after they drop their children at school. Hang out at the mall, go to the gym together, having lunch or gossips together before picking up their children. Some mothers are lazy bumps! They are still at bed every morning their children are busy preparing their stuff before going to school. I ask some of my students about their mother’s habits. Here are their comments…


‘Mom is still sleeping when I’m going to school. So, nanny is the one who is preparing my breakfast and bag’ (A – Primary 3).

‘I wake up at 5 every morning to have jog with my Dad. Mommy? She wakes up at 9’ (K- Primary 3)

‘Mom is having her tea time meeting with her friends now. She always does that after she drops me here’ (J- Kindergarten)

Nanny is one the next big thing here in Indonesia, especially for those rich family who are not willing to wake up in the middle of the night but willing to pay more for someone to take care of their children. Many children are sleeping with their nannies at night time. Some of their parents are not knowing about their conditions, until they are having bad experiences, sick or fail at school.

nannyI have been trying to talk to one young mother about her daughter’s performances at school. She did not know anything at all! Instead, she blamed the school systems and asked me which one is the best school in town. She did not get the meaning of that problem. She did not seek the answer through observation, but she just cut it off and wishing to move forward, by choosing a new school. But by the time, she forgot that too, and her daughter is still fighting hard with her school performances. All the schedules of her daughter is arranged by her nanny. Her mom knows nothing at all …

It seems that our children are now their nannies’ children. They are not belong to their mothers anymore, except to pay the school fee and buy the latest trend in fashion or games.

What do you think?

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