Addicted to Love

Too much will kill you (Queen)

Being in love is something awesome and unforgettable. Being in love can help you understand more about that special person. But, being addicted to love is something different. As if being addicted to drug, you may forget your surroundings and just focus into your addiction.

Addiction to love is a form of psychological dependency. It is when you have someone fixed in your mind and make you dysfunctional. It is more into habitual activities and make you unable to avoid it. Let’s say, you are so into calling or messaging someone for a very long time and then suddenly, you have to stop that habits. You will feel so lonely and will not be able to do your daily and social activities normally.


When you have an addiction to love, you are at-risk of having physical sickness. Your body may be unable to bear the load of your psychological states, therefore you may get sick and cause dysfunctional in your activities. It is important to be able to say NO to yourself. When your addiction brings you down, then you have to say, ‘It is enough’.

It is true that life is a process, but … the process should reach an end at one point. When you have an addiction to love, you have say to yourself that you are more than just a sad and pathetic person. You are able to end the grieving process and start a new circle of love life.Being addicted is a choice ….

Being in love is not the same with addicted to love!

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