Forgiveness: A way to heal yourself

Everybody has their own experiences of being hurt by others, namely parents, children, lovers, friends and many more. That experience usually left scars in our heart. Scars that will not be easily forgotten. We usually keep that scars as reminders that we’ve been hurt. We are trying to forget the events, but we will keep that anger alive if we decide not to forgive that person who hurts us. All of us have been hurt and we’ve been hurt others as well in some ways.


Forgiveness is a classic word. It’s been said million times since we were young and learning to grow up. But in reality, that word means a lot. To forgive someone who ever hurt us will need a huge effort. We need to prepare our heart to forgive whole-heartedly and not holding onto that past anymore. In order to forgive someone who ever hurt us, we need a commitment of being humble, in a way that we will never mention the mistake in front of others to bring that person down. When we have decided to forgive someone, it means that we have a new page of life to start again.

Being forgiven is also a blessing. Not everybody will ever forgive us when we make mistake. For those who realize their mistakes, they will be hunted by their guilty feeling. But for those who do not realize their mistakes, they will have difficulty to move on, for others may hurt them the same way they have hurt others before. Well, I believe in karma…


To forgive those people who have hurt us is a way to heal ourselves. It is not about the person that we forgive, but it is more about us. How we can release all the anger inside us and give ourselves another chance to be happy and thankful. I remember an article called Forgiveness Pill. It tells about a possibility of having a forgiveness pill in order to make it easier to forgive others. But to forgive is never that easy. It needs compromises within ourselves. We tend to forget things, so we can move on. But the truth is, we will never be able to move on, unless we already let go our past and make peace with ourselves … and that means forgiveness.

Do you remember the names of who have hurt you? Forgive them now … give yourself a peace of mind and be happy with the experiences. It will help us grow wisely and able to grasp the meaning of those experiences.

Forgiveness will bring smile for today … and tomorrow!

One thought on “Forgiveness: A way to heal yourself

  1. Dear, Cecille

    I think “forgiveness” is a very important aspect of human life. But, in relation with your other post about “Addicted to Love” I think we must be noted that we may forgive but may not forget.
    Not that I’m telling you to keep the hurt, but keep the experience as a way to teach yourself for a better future….

    Forgive but I can’t forget it
    Everyday I deal with this
    I live with the side effect
    (Side Effects – Mariah Carey)

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