The Meaning of Friendship

I’ve been through lots of separation with my best friends and families. Let’s say, when I went back to Indonesia, while they were still in Australia. Many of my best friends got married and moved into somewhere else and many more. And now, I have another friend who is going to leave Surabaya and me and others too. She’s been the closest girlfriend in the class during first semester of my Masters program. At the end of last semester, we had two more friends who came along with us…


We are quite close and started to know each other well. We spend these past 6 months together and that emotional bond is formed, quite tight actually. So, when she decided to end her degree, we felt sad. And that’s for true. She had to leave for personal reason and we really wish her all the best.

Fighting over salmon sushi
Fighting over salmon sushi

Sometimes, we have to let go off someone that we love suddenly. They could be best friends, girl/boyfriends, fiancee, or even husband/wife. They may leave us without prior notice. They just go with the wind… I know what it feels like to lose someone that we love. I know how it feels to be alone again, after few years of being together with the same persons. But they go for a reason. It may be unknown now, but we will discover the meaning of that separation one day.

I will always believe in the goodness of friendship, because I know the meaning of friendship. If today I have to say goodbye again to my best friend, I will figure out the reasons why … one day!

PS: Don’t forget ‘that’s my leg!’ statement …

Lunch at Bentoya
Lunch at Bentoya

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