Making Decision

We live day by day by making decision continuously. Started with a small issue: what will we have for breakfast? Scramble egg or toast or cereal? then it goes into a bigger issue: what will i do if i meet my friend who had backstabbed me? and … it’s getting bigger: who will be my husband? Max, Jay, Theo or Leo?


Decision making is something important in our life. It makes the wheel of life keeps on moving on and help us to understand that every decision has its own risk or consequences. It can brings you up or throw you down. It depends on what stand that you take while you are making certain decision.

The most important thing is trying to be objective whenever we want to make any decisions. If we still full of rage and anger, then we better walk out of the room and have our head clear before making any decision. It is never really that simple to make decisions. We have to think about ourselves, about others who might get the impacts of our decision and what will we do if we turn out to make the wrong decision. Plan well before step out the door…

What do you need to do?

1. Have plans. Make sure they are PLANS, not just a plan. So you won’t be freak out when your plan A is not working.

2. Check the status of your plans. Are they getting closer to your direction, or are they stuck at one point, or are they going nowhere. If your plans are getting nowhere, evaluate your plan. If you can manage that, then you may go on with your plan. Or else, you will need to wipe that plan out from you diary. Then walk to the 2nd plan. This is why you need back up plans.

3. Write down possible ways to turn your plan into actions. It could be a list of what you can do to make everything under your control.

4. Count the effectiveness, cost and the future if your plan. It is important, sometimes you may run after your dreams without any thought of the price that you have pay. Consider the worth of your plans.

5. Plan for the best, prepare for the worst. Think about the outcomes or your reactions when your plan fails.

6. At last, keep on praying.


Enjoy the stages of making a decision. It’s not always win-win solution for every party included, sometimes it could hurt others. One thing, just put the long-term positive benefit when you want to decide something important.

So, who will be my husband?

One thought on “Making Decision

  1. Cecille, you might not forget that even so people (or human) have brain and rationality… but mostly they decide things sometimes based on a lot of irrational reasoning……
    And sometimes, it’s best not to follow that rationality but rather instinctive direction…..

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