Celebrity Mental Disorders

I’m not going to write any columns on celebrity gossips. I just watched this show on E! a few nights ago and I thought I would love to comment on that matter: celebrity mental disorders.

These days the position of psychologists or psychiatrist have been added to the top list of medical helpers. People seek us (read: psychologists) because they are aware of what we are capable of doing and the help that we offered. This thing happens especially in Indonesia, where the awareness of mental health is known only around big cities and haven’t touch the holes around small islands.


Many people are at risk of having mental disorders. The cause range from biological dysfunctions into social pressures. From work stress into relationships matters. Whatever the triggers, it may bomb someone terribly when that person is at low state of living his/her life.

Celebrity is one type of professional worker who are having stress continuously. They have to be perfect in front of camera, which is following them almost 30 hours/day. So, imagine you live under the camera and all those shots. It seems that they live under the microscope, so everything is very clear to be seen and judged (I’m inspired by Gil Grissom-CSI: Las Vegas).


For some celebrities, they started to be a star since they were young (toddlers sometimes!) until their adulthood. If we can count the pressures by numbers, we can understand the life that they had gone through. We may have problems in every stage of our development, and we go unnoticed. Nobody cares, beside our family. But when celebrities are having the same problems as ours, they will go under surveillance of their fans, paparazzi or media.

Some of them suffered from self-hurting behaviors, such as: cutting or burning. When they hurt themselves, they feel no pain, instead they feel good. It’s the compensation that they are looking for, after having such a stormy life. Some of them are also having OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), hoarding behaviors, panic attack with agoraphobia and most of all, depression. The teenage-celebrities are at risk of having eating disorders, like: bulimia or anorexia out of 80 other eating disorders. Most of them had gone through treatments or psychotherapies, such as: cognitive behavioral therapy or medicine to treat the symptoms of depression and other biological dysfunctions.

What we need to do as readers or fans is to understand the cause of those disoders, the therapy/treatment that they have and the outcomes. We can’t blame it on them whenever we see them without make up, looking fat and ugly. Despite being celebrity, they are only human.

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Mental Disorders

  1. Cecille, I have to agree with you….
    It’s not only on E! but you might see the same phenomenon here on our local celebrities. Sometimes I feel sorry for them because I see how their life are intruded by the press. Their marriage, their separation, their conflicts…. Sometimes I shouted, “The journalists may haven’t taken any lecture about Code of Ethics” 🙂
    On the other hand, the celebrities also live in that “spotlight” that make them feel insecure, feel important, feel grandeur.
    They grow up a potential to be paranoid (delusive) and narcisistic. They started to be self-centered, too much self-aware.
    In my mind, I just thinking, “I hope I could be Luna Maya’s psychologist” or even Dewi Persik???

  2. Geez!
    You’re so into Dewi Perssik???
    Well, consider that as a thesis topic for our masters degree, then it should fun… don’t you think so?
    Celebrity in the spotlight is something, but put them continuously under the spotlight, will bring them down…

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