Reflecting on My Call

One night, I had a chat with one brother from the Saint Vincent de Paul congregation. It was just an ordinary chat between us, until I press the alarm bell. I ask him, why there are lots of my friends are having troubles with their marriage? One friend is losing his girlfriend after 8 years of relationship. One friend is crazy on her wedding day and feel depressed knowing that she’s going to get married. One friend called off his wedding because his ex bride-to-be felt not ready to get married. One friend is having 2 children and her husband is cheating on her.I had my own experiences of failed relationships, even the worst one. So, I thought those happenings around me was a reminder for me, to be more careful and alert when it comes to choose the right guy.

But, the brother surprised me with his thought!

He said that there is something behind that. There is one big reason on why I am in the middle of those problems … that I have a call to help them.


I remember another night when we had a prayer meeting with some friends. My leader said that I will work to help children and their family, especially those who are facing problems. I will have my call in ‘fixing’ those broken relationship. Wow! All of sudden, that brother reminded me of that prayer.

I still need to think of it. Consider my strengths and weaknesses, my capability of doing such thing. But I believe that the most important thing is the heart of doing that call. If I can help those family from falling down, why not? I’m studying psychology for a reason, to help others.

I’ll do that …

One thought on “Reflecting on My Call

  1. Cecille, up until now, I still believe that God has its own way, His bigger plan for my life…..

    Maybe… He wants me to be alone, to be a free person, uncommitted person… Maybe He wants me to answer His calling to be a Priest…. Or I should answer the calling from the clients to be a “call boy” –> alias “Lelaki Panggilan”

    Who knows….. But I don’t loose faith on Him. I hope so…..

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