Reflection on my strengths and weaknesses

“The soul of a sluggard desires, and has nothing;

But the soul of the diligent shall be made rich”

(Proverbs 13:4)

I consider myself as a blessed woman. I was born and raised by my wonderful parents. They are very supportive and they can be defined as ‘rare’ parents, because they never push me to get married soon. Instead, they always taught me to be responsible for everything that I do. And that’s the personal value that I will hold on to…

The opportunities to complete my degrees (bachelor and graduate diploma in science) and gain higher education are more than enough for me. That is one reason why I push myself hard to finish my Masters and gain knowledge as much as I could. I love to learn new things and I am addicted to books. This strength brings me to another dimension of life. I can learn to understand how other people think and behave through the books that I have read. I can learn from successful persons through the stories that they have written. I can learn to be a professional psychologist through the lessons that I have got. Through books, I am able to find the answers of almost every question that I have in mind. Reading is more than just a hobby for me; I consider reading as an important activity and books as my primary property.

Besides reading, as a part of global community, I also push myself to learn foreign language. I choose English as the primary foreign language that I have to master. I also learned Chinese and Deutsch, even though I already quit the class due to my tight schedules of school and works. I’m trying to build relationships with other people from around the world. Thanks to the great of Facebook, because I could find my old friends from Australia, England, Singapore and many other countries. I’m trying to have discussion with them and share our own experiences. It is a great opportunity for me to keep on learning through someone else’s life.

My short experiences in Australia back to 2004 had taught me lessons of life, in which I learned on how to be responsible for everything that I do. People are respected when they can keep their promises and do their best in their expertise. I learned on how to perform my best in everything that I do and never look down at myself. At the same time, I’m struggling to respect others as who they are. I always respect those who are smarter than me, but I tend to look down at others who (I think) are not smarter than me. That is the worst quality of me and I’m trying hard to find the uniqueness in every person that I meet. I believe that every person deserves respect from other people.

As part of being responsible, I am taking care of my small business. It is a one-class tuition place for Indonesian students who are studying in International School in Malang. I take the opportunity to fill in the time of busy parents who can’t look after their children after school time. This business had started on 2005 when I just came back from Jakarta, after I resigned from my previous workplace. It was time when I had to go to my student’s house (because I didn’t have a class at that time). Yes, I started with only one student! I was a single fighter and I was able to take care of 25 students on my own. When I decided to do my Masters last year, I had to make choice. So, I just chose those 8 students who were having private class with me. Now, I have 2 active assistants to help me when I’m having my class at Unair. I will expand my class soon by adding more assistants and started to find prospective students (fingers crossed). With my regular income, I can pay for my own expenses, even though my parents are the ones to support my study expenses. I have to admit that it feels good to be able to have my own income and being productive.

I believe that I’m able to be successful in the future, because I can hold on to my strengths to fill in my weaknesses. I can be who I am today because I am complete with all my strengths and weaknesses. I believe that I can reach my dream to be a competent child clinical psychologist.

I still need to keep on learning though, for the lesson of life is in life itself…

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