Graphology Session

During the exam days, I went out in a cafe with my classmates to discuss the materials for exams. First reason, we got bored with uni library. Second, we were looking for free internet connection. So, yeah we went to Galaxy Mall. At the afternoon, after a whole day of looking for Philosophy of Science answers, one of my classmate EAS, suddenly showed his talent in graphology. He asked me to write down my name and my signature… then he read them out for me.


He said couple of things about me. But the most of that was that I am very logical. I used my logic more more than my feelings. I analyze everything that happens around me and think about them, instead of using my feeling. I even use my logic when I want to get close with a guy (Oh, no!). My friend told me not too worry about that, as long as I can see that as my strength. I know that my past had influenced me deeply and I guess that is the reason why I use my logic even more than before.

What surprise me is the greatness of handwriting. I never imagine that handwriting can tell so much about myself and my personality. He could tell a lot of things about handwriting , not just me but also ERK and JS. He mentioned a lot of qualities of them as well. He could read the tendency of being dominant in a relationship or the tendency to attract attentions from her boyfriend.


Anyway, that was awesome to learned new lessons from my handwriting… Thanks to EAS!

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