New Year’s Resolutions

Here we go! It’s the first day of 2009 … I wish you have a great celebration of this new year and all the great blessings for this year!


I’ve been thinking of a few things as my new year’s resolutions. Well, it is listed below …

1. More active in church community service

Being involve in catholic charismatic community has been a fun and joyful activity for me. It’s not merely about making friends and having some fun with them, but it’s more about having a second family and above all, being closer to God. I served in a few big events (as worship leader, preacher, and translator at school of children counselling) last year and I think I haven’t perform well yet. Therefore, in this new year I want to serve more and give everything that I have to glorify His name.

2. Living a healthier lifestyle

Yes! I have to admit that I said good-bye to gym last April and up til today, you can count how many kilograms had been added to my scale. Ugh! Even though it’s hard to fight my laziness, I will have no choice, I HAVE to!

3. Write (again)

This one had been my agenda since lonnngggg time ago. One media where I can write my thoughts down is in here, my blog. I would like to act more than just be a blogger. Maybe I can push up the level and quality of my writings. Fingers crossed! Work hard, baby….


4. Care upon my family and friends

I will need to work harder in this case. I will need to listen to others, smile a lot and hug them every time they need it. It’s not just through hard times, but being nice and care for family and friends can be done every day. I will put my heart on it … another hard wok!

5. Have time on my own to think and reflect

This is my favorite of all! Hahahaha… people call me a person in solitude. Well, sometimes I believe that we need time on our own. Use that solitary moment to think of what had happened and reflect about that event. It’s not easy to realize that we have done something terribly bad or something wonderful. People can judge at us rightaway, but we need to move a few steps back and think… I’ll do that even more this year!

6. Smile a lot

Hahahahaha… smile can brighten up your day! Smile can get the doctor away… so why not smiling a lot for this year? Being grateful is a key to keep on smiling through stormy days… I’ll hold on to that!

7. Complete my masters degree

Phew! This has to be done … last year, I had those grumbles and bad thoughts of my university and faculty. I have to realize that I study in Indonesia, where staff can change the schedules on the last minutes. I have to remind myself all the time that I’m back in Indonesia now. Just work hard to get my masters degree and be happy with my classmates!


8. Build relationships with the experts

Yay! Last year I finally able to contact some people that I met during my class in UWA-Perth 2004. I met Nick, Claire and Zamia. I also met numbers of those experts in children counselling and education (David Goodwin, Linda and Beverly). They were awesome! And I have to build deeper relationships with other experts as well…

9. Singing even a lot

It will help you feel better … tune in for ‘Frim Fram Sauce’ when I feel happy.. or ‘Mind Trick’ to brighten up your days! I have dozens of Contemporary Christian songs that are waiting to be played on my iPod.

10. Share hugs for others

Need no more explanations. A hug can help you to feel loved … so, I’ll share more hugs for others!

Happy New Year to all of you! May God bless you … and have a glass of wine!

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