Merry Christmas Everyone!

It’s just a simple message to say Merry Christmas to all of you… Wishing you all a blessed celebration of Christmas and joyful life for the Lord has born =)


Looking back to my childhood days, it was so nice and excited to know that Santa Claus would come and bring present for me. I was very excited to hung up my sock with a long list of requests inside of it. Well, as a child I never knew the postal address of my Santa, so I just put my request list inside my sock. The reindeer was so greedy, for he always ate up the whole green grass that I’ve prepared! What a beautiful story I had as a child…

I really wish the children these days know that this is Christmas. A moment when all family bend together and all woulds are healed. A moment when our Savior born and bring peace to our lives. A moment to cherish…

Have a Happy – Merry Christmas! May God bless you abundantly….


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