Inequality of Social Status

I know, this topic has been as old as my great grandma’s shoes, but still we have to face inequality of social status nowadays. It seems that the inequality will be around for the next few decades, even though some countries have overcome this issue (at least trying hard to do so!). For example, Obama who won the US President election this year. It seems that US people started to overcome the ancient issue of race inequality. Hopefully,  Obama winning moment is a winning moment for all negros and other discriminated races around the world.

Seal, Heidi Klum and kids
Seal, Heidi Klum and kids

Mix race marriage is also facing difficulties, especially when it comes into family and society acceptance. It’s not easy to break the wall of traditional culture and the belief of which race is dominant over others. Don’t forget the issue of the rich and the poor still has its impact nowadays (or should I say, the impact is stronger now?). The poor has to work real real hard to gain a small amount of money. While the rich may go abroad to spend their weekend (Friday evening to Sunday morning).

A poor woman in her tiny house
A poor woman in her tiny house

For the poor, the standard living cost is too high to achieve. Don’t mention to them about having a new pair of shoes during winter, they even do not have enough food in their daily lives. Say something about this, please. While for the rich, they can have fine dining in luxury restaurants for 5 times a week. I know, no one can be blamed in this situation. For each of them have their own lives and destiny. But a little respect and helping hands will make the poor happier (hopefully).

Another example of social inequality is in the issue of gay and lesbian. They live in the same world as us, but it seems that they have been excluded. The way people look at them is very different. The way people treat them is also different. I have two homosexual friends and we’ve been close for a few years. What I learn from them is a true heart to love and to be loved. They have no differences compare to us, beside their sexual orientation.


Can I say the social inequality is here today because we were easily judge on others? It might be. The superiority and goodness feeling is among those factors that may contribute to the judgment upon certain races, sexual orientation or SES. If we want to see this world moving into a better direction, I think it’s time to re-judge others as who they are and what they are capable of doing. Not based on their skin colors and thickness of their wallet.

That may be one of our resolutions next year!


3 thoughts on “Inequality of Social Status

  1. I’m not white or black but imagine if every white woman did what she did, there would not be any beautiful white people left for the next generation (stop for a moment and actually think about it).

    I’m in love with someone who is not of my race but I’m chinese and she’s indian, our birthrates are high enough to maintain our originality, white people on the other hand :/

    1. Hi Jack,
      The decision whether to go on with your loved one, or to drop it, is fully your choice (and your partner too). When we talk about race and culture, it seems that we are going to walk through a thick wall. But it doesn’t mean impossible to do so. Don’t sell your love for any cultural bounds, because you will regret your decision one day – when you become so aware with yourself.

      I guess, relationship with a good partner is something that you can fight for.

      My regards!

    2. To further your example; if everyone was gay then there would be no children to re-populate the earth, pretty logical.

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