The Effectiveness of Rewards in the Classroom

Teaching process is very complicated. I can say this because I am a teacher myself. I’ve been teaching young children for almost 4 years, for I might known a bit on this topic: effectiveness of giving rewards.


The latest research has shown that rewards has no positive impact on students’ motivation and performances. It is surely has an impact, but not in a positive way. Reward can be an extrinsic motivation for students, especially those who are avoiding tasks and only wants to get the rewards. They might finish their tasks in time in order to get the rewards. And that’s all. They can’t find the fun of learning and they won’t be bother to master the knowledge. On the other hand, students who are intrinsically motivated will find a fun of learning. They won’t be bothered by the rewards given, because that’s not their primary goal of learning. The important thing for them is to master the knowledge.

The debate is still on. Some teachers agree that rewards can motivate students to do better in their performances. While others are saying that rewards devalue the meaning of learning and giving their efforts to the tasks given. For me, I will give rewards to my students when they can perform well in their performances. Rewards given not always in gifts or presents, but also in appreciations or appraisal in front of the class. This rewards board is such a cool idea!


It is our job to define the balances.

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