Jawa Pos Deteksi-Con 2K8 (3): Mob Movement

Everyday in our AEC booth, we can see the students presenting their schools in variety of ways. They dressed up, wearing unique costumes or making noises throughout the hallway. This action known as Mob Movement. It is a movement organized by numbers of people to do something in order to gain their goals and it could be negative or positive. In Det-Con event, the goal is positive, i.e. to win some trophies and predicates for their schools.


I thought to myself that I’d be embarrassed if I have to perform such a show or dress up like they did. I never imagined that I would be able to dress up as a mermaid or wizardry. Those students were brave enough. They might be shy if they had to perform individually, but since they did it as a group, they wouldn’t be that embarrassed. Their individual identity wouldn’t be known. They would be identified as a group who was representing their schools.

Mob Movement
Mob Movement
Wicked Wizardries
Wicked Wizardries

I had to admit that I appreciated their effort to give the best for their schools. They ignored themselves as an individual and perform well as a group. If many of other students outside this event could perform the same positive mob movement, we can reduce the numbers of students fights or the numbers of delinquency done by students.

The Mixed Up Merman
The Mixed Up Merman

Keep it up, guys!

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