Jawa Pos Deteksi-Con 2K8 (2)

In this second report, I’d write more about my activities with other staff at AEC (Australian Education Centre). On my first shift, I had a great time with Eka – Unair alumni and now is working as an economic analyst. Lisa was also there. She has done her shift but she was kind enough to accompany us. She’s a recipient of ADS Scholarship and she’s waiting for her schedule to fly off to Queensland.

Lisa and Eka

Lisa and Eka

In overall, what we do is to inform prospective students who want to continue their studies in Australia, by scholarship or independent. It’s something exciting when we can give and share information with those who wants to know more about Australian Education System.

We had an honor to be with Mr. Daniel Sprague from Perth Education City on Sunday shift (I was with Indra). It was kind of reminiscing the great moments back in Perth. I realized how bad I missed this beautiful city. Anyway, yeah … we had a conversation about studying in Perth and future alumni events.

with Daniel Sprague - we both LOVE Perth

with Daniel Sprague - we both LOVE Perth

Most of the visitors asked about scholarships given by government or universities. We helped them as much as we could, since we are not a representative of any institutions. We are part of the Oz government. This work means a double excitement for me. First, I have a chance to meet prospective students and/or with their parents and able to inform them with any information that they need. Second, I can TALK and share with other staff on how great Oz is. Sounds narcissistic? Well, that’s just a concept in your head…

Berlinda, Me and Lisa

Berlinda, Me and Lisa

I had a chance to study in Australia a few years back. That experience had change me as a person, especially on how to work and study hard, how to value time and other people. I also learned on how to maximize myself in everything I do, because I believe that I have the same ability like others do. Well, that one rare-exclusive experience had taught me on how to be a better person. No wonder, I’d like to go back for good (fingers crossed).

During counseling session

During counseling session

Go Oz go!


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