The Oprah’s Big Give

If you think I’m the last one to write on this, then forgive me. Because the Oprah’s Big Give show had started on March this year. But I just watched it tonight (a few hours before I wrote this). I just want to share my opinion regarding this show.

The Leading Lady
The Leading Lady

Well, obviously this is a big show. Let’s read the title once again, OPRAH’s Big Give! Yes, Oprah’s name is one proof of how big is this show. The purpose of finding a way to help the needy people is something good. It’s truly good. But some questions were raised about the next steps taken after this show. Will others -outside the Harpo Studios- do the same thing, to help total strangers and willing to give something big? Or is it about the $1M? We never know the answer … and despite the highest rank on TV, Oprah decided not to continue this show.

Helping others is a way to show our sincerity. It is also a way to share something that we have because in everything that we own, there’s a small percentage that goes to others, said a wise man. What do you think about that? Well, for me, I agree. It’s not merely about giving the 10% away, like many Christian churches do. But it’s a lesson of sincerity.


Don’t bother about Oprah’s show… It’s a very good show. But to give something big for others, we don’t always wait for Oprah. We can start it from ourselves!

Way to go!

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